5 interesting facts about ASUS 6z mobile phone

Asus 6z mobile phone is finally launched in the Indian market. The mobile has some exciting features. 

5 interesting facts about ASUS 6z mobile phone

Here are 5 Interesting facts about Asus 6z 

1. FLIP CAMERA: It comes with a flip camera, Which looks awesome. 

2. Detects falling of Mobile phone: This is an amazing mechanism. The mobile phone automatically detects when it is falling and retracts the camera to avoid damage to it.

3. 48 Megapixel +13 Megapixel Rear Camera: The Module has Double censors comprising 48 + 13 MP. 

4. Finger Print Censor on the back: The Finger Print sensor on the back makes easy to unlock and access the phone

5. Stereo Speakers: The Stereo Speakers with nxp smart amps makes the audio quality of the phone fantastic.